The International Humanist Party

The International Humanist Party denounces the violation of human rights, the use of violence as a method to resolve conflicts, and the concentration of power. It denounces the arms race and the destruction of the environment. It signals the economic violence as the cause of suffering of the people. It denounces the violence enforced specifically against women, young people and other discriminated human groups.
It rejects all kinds of violence: physical, economic, racial, religious, sexual, psychological and moral, and aspires to a Universal Human Nation in which the human diversity will converge in a creative manner.
The Humanist Party is something more than a party. It works for a social and personal transformation. It is the voice of those who rebel against suffering and absurdity, giving meaning to human life and asserting its liberty beyond any apparent limit. The Humanist Party is organized as a worldwide federation which permits it to form statements and campaigns at an international scale, while maintaining autonomy and creativity at the various activity levels until reaching the social base where it is rooted.
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