Doctrinal proposals of the Humanist Party, approved in the first Humanist International was held in Florence, Italy on January 7, 1989.

Thesis Four, which is especially descriptive of the political vision of the party, reads as follows: “Social contradiction is a product of violence. The appropriation of the social whole by only one segment is violence, and that violence is the basis of contradiction and suffering. Violence is manifested as stripping the other of intentionality (and, certainly, of liberty); as an act of submerging the human being, or human groups, in the world of the natural. That is why dominant ideologies have termed subjugated indigenous peoples “natives;” termed exploited workers the “labor force;” relegated women to the category of “procreators;” regarded enslaved races as biologically “inferior;” viewed young people dispossessed of the means of production as nothing but projects, caricatures, the “immature stage” of complete human beings; classified marginal and postponed peoples as “underdeveloped.” The latter forms part of a crudely naturalist scheme in which it is assumed that “development” must involve the single model carried by the exploiters, to whom full evolutionary development is attributed, not only in objective terms but in subjective terms as well, since for them, their subjectivity is a simple reflection of objective conditions.”

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