Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos in New York

September 18th, 2016, was a very special day for me. I had the opportunity of participating and listening to our Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, here in New York. The President spoke of the peace agreement, clarifying its facts, explaining it in detail and answering questions.


For me, it was an extremely important day because for many years we have been working, organizing and participating in various events for peace in Colombia. Today, my dream is about to become a reality: where Colombia and all of the Colombian people have the opportunity to live in peace after over 50 years of war. The first step has been taken, but the President wanted to legitimize this process by letting the people of Colombia decide if they want peace or not.

Next October 2nd, The International Day of Non-Violence, in honor of Ghandi, is the day that each Colombian citizen will decide the future of our country. The people must say yes to peace!

Yesterday, as a Colombian citizen and as a Humanist, I felt joy and pride of our President. I say yes to peace and invite every Colombian, here and all over the world, to say yes to peace along with me.

The Humanists gave the President a gift which outlined Five Points that explained why we fully support this process.

Yolanda Andersson

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