Human Rights and Education Colombian Conference

Friday, April 15, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM  – Get you ticket now
CUNY School of Laws – 2 Court Square Auditorium 2/300, Long Island City, NY 11101

An academic and objective perspective on massive human rights violations and issues with education in Colombia. Experts on Human Rights, delegates from different peace talk’s related institutions, decision makers and activists will share concerns, ideas and strategies along with critics, advocates and academics. Addressing in the most objectively possible approach the terms like peace, transitional justice, post-conflict and reparations, as well as the premises like quality education, educators, professors and education commercialization, our invites will lead the audience through a better understanding of our general social issues, what can be done, what needs to be done and what needs to be taken off the table. Colombia needs to find more effective ways to demand from the state the capacity to exercise individual’s basic human rights in full. This time a reunion of academics will light up as many possible roads as they can. For the Colombia we want, we call on the carpet that capacity the academy has.


  • Pojection for Colombia from a constrast with Africa and Chile, David Andersson.
  • Projection for Colombia from a contrast with Guatemala and Nicaragua, Roddy Brett.
  • Migration, countersignature and implementation of the peace agreements, Juan Carlos Villamizar.
  • Transitional Justice and the Armed Forces of Colombia, Hugo Ramirez.


  • Education, peace and culture, Antanas Mockus.
  • Cultural Agents, literacy, innoation and civil values, Doris Sommer.
  • The critique to the system. White elephants first, Andres Carvajal.
  • An students movement that paralized Colombia, Oscar Aponte.


  • Humanist Party NYC Chapter
  • Movement for Peace in Colombia
  • Colombian Human Rights Committee
  • Digital Cocktails
  • MANE
  • Comuna Universitaria


  • Corpovisionarios / Bogota Colombia
  • Cultural Agents / Harvard University
  • Alto Comisionado, 4ta Delegacion de Victimas de la Habana

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