NYC Request the Liberation of Milagro Sala

The Humanists in New York are asking the media and people on social networks to share and distribute this video. We are also requesting to the friends and family of Milagro Sala to make sure she can watch this video. “Milagro surely deserve our support and best wishes in this moment and after all the work she has done for the poor community, during all these years”, says Yolanda Andersson during the rally in New York on Sunday.

Gathering in NYC for the Liberation of Milagro Sala
Pressenza: Photos of the event

For more information concerning Milagros Sala’s work and history, you can read this article on Argentina Independent.

Short details by Luis Ammann in Argentina

The sixty thousand families organized by the Tupac Amaru Organization have built their dignity with their own hands. They have built schools, hospitals, homes, factories, canteens, textile workshops and water parks. They have also modeled a unique relationship and a way of doing things. You may not like it, but they work hard to have well-fed, well-educated and healthy kids. They built a dignity that is not about bowing their head to their employer, but to say, “we will do”, and do it.

It is required to explain many contexts and complex situations to undo the false complaints that are being used by judges, prosecutors, politicians and media to create these reports.

We do not say that she is innocent of anything, but we say that absolutely everything that has made the jujeña justice is illegal and illegitimate. Ergo, there is nothing against them; There is much hatred and envy. This should not be the ground for imprisonment, at least, not in democracy.

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