Argentina: Free Milagro Sala

Humanists denounce and reject all forms of violence, in particular when people who fight for social change are deprived of liberty, such is the case of Milagro Sala.
Milagro represents a social organisation, Tupac Amaru, whose membership consists of thousands and thousands of humble people, indigenous people from the Argentinean province of Jujuy, a people who out of desperate need and State neglect started to take charge of their lives in the times of unemployment and absence of State support.

Then during the Government of the Front for Victory (2003-2015) the Tupac Amarcu was strengthened with contributions from the State and the effort of its members.

This happened through the work of its activists, tireless workers, who through food suppliers, clothes producers and Community Cooperatives where able to build houses, workshops, factories, water p

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