Violence in Gaza

The International Humanist Party condemns Israel’s military actions in Palestinian territory and expresses its solidarity with the people suffering an attack of unprecedented violence and the threat of further outrages.

It also denounces the campaign of misinformation that has hampered expressions of solidarity in many parts of the world and the apparent ineffectiveness of the United Nations.

The decision of the government of Israel has the explicit support of the United States and the complicity of NATO-NATO and the rejection of their population being repressed borders in by Netanyahu’s right-wing government.

The international community is beginning to look clearly and precisely what is called for lightly Israeli-Palestinian conflict, when in fact it is a territorial outpost of Israel omitting any humanitarian consideration.

Whenever these repeated clashes occur and since 2008 have become constant and reduce the territory of Gaza and the West Bank, most countries are uttered in vain “for a Palestinian state and abide fully by the resolutions Israel UN, which violated permanently. “Clearly, with demonstrations against and exhortations to peace has no effect and we must move forward with resolution taking positions against the cruelty of the Israeli government says.

Humanists call to people of good will around the world to put pressure on the social, labor, political, cultural and any other organizations to which they belong, to develop all the necessary actions to condemn the violent actions of the Israeli government , concrete actions of solidarity with the Palestinian people, denouncing media manipulation and stop this genocide.
Also call to actions of resistance to Israeli aggression, creative and non-violent manner, as may be the rejection of Israeli products, their companies and businesses present in different countries, and direct messages repudiation of this policy consulates and embassies of Israel worldwide, with copies to those representing the UN in each place.

Finally, we highlight the courage of thousands of Israeli citizens who oppose the war and act in their own country trying to stop the slaughter. There are groups of Israeli and Palestinian mothers who work for peace. We must give our full support and visibility through social networks and alternative media.

To all people who believe in peace and harmony among nations there is a new challenge and a new company: The end of the war in the Middle East and take steps toward reconciliation and peaceful coexistence between the Palestinian villages and Israel, taking away the hands of mercenaries of war, that promote powerful countries from outside the region.

International Humanist Team

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