Position on Venezuela’s Situation

The International Humanist Party (IHP) condemns the acts of violence that occurred in the  Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Venezuelan right wing, guided by the hand of the government of the United States, is promoting the destabilization of the democratically elected and legitimate government. The plan for destabilization of the extreme right has produced the death of three young people, dozens of injuries and other damage.

The Bolivarian Revolution, a process initiated by President Hugo Chavez Frias, has been ratified in 19 electoral processes with a high level of transparency, elections were praised by all international observers.

Given the impossibility of triumph at the polls, the Venezuelan right try these illegitimate violent actions intending to lead to a coup. Such actions are accompanied by a strong manipulation of and by the Venezuelan and international media and these have become influential political functionaries of the major economic interests of transnational corporations, continuing in the service of imperialism and economic violence.

The International Humanist Party expresses its solidarity with the Venezuelan people, their government, and the process of the Bolivarian Revolution, while calling for vigilance against any attempted coup in Latin America. We call on all governments, democratic parties and anti-imperialist and progressive movements to mobilize strongly to condemn this new attempt at a coup against a legitimately elected government in Latin America.”

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