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NYC Municipal ID Bandage or Real Solution?

Having a Municipal ID is a great idea; this type of identification will be very helpful for accessing the city’s services. It could also be a very powerful tool for strengthening our city’s democracy, amplifying everyone’s participation. If combined with

A 16-year-old maestro re-educates the US

Before you start reading this article, please take a moment to remember who you were at 15 – what your days were like, how you spent your time, your preoccupations and your aspirations. During the past weeks, Malala Yousafzai was

Creating New Values Through Gift Economies

By David Andersson Gift economies could be very potent and effective organizing tools for creating value. We have many examples of gift economies in our world today, such as community gardens or free/open software, where no money is paid for

13 Bold Progressive Ideas for NYC in 2013

The disparity in New York is at it highest. We have to make serious change in the city’s political direction. The Humanist Party supports the creative proposals for a better city from the progressive caucus and endorse the 13 Bold

Wall Street de-capitalizes one of its own

When we speak about Wall Street, what comes to mind most often are its greed, the big fat bonuses for its executives, its addiction to more and still more… This is known territory, with known defenders and detractors. Today, we

Letter to our DREAMers

On Friday, Jun 15th 2012, President Obama announced the implementation of Deferred Action to stop the deportation of some young undocumented immigrants. The Humanist Party of New York is very concerned about the response to this action, as seen in

After 9/11: the big mistake

“As Bev and I sat down on the precipice in solemn meditation, I prayed that God would come into our hearts. I prayed for understanding and love. I prayed for Alicia’s soul and the souls of the others who had

The Fightback is Under Way

By David Andersson If we want to understand why there have been widespread incidents of street violence across London for the past few days, we need look no further than the comments of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, when

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