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Dennis Redmond on Face 2 Face

This week show starts with our friend singer and guitarist Gabriella Callender and continue with Dennis Redmond to discuss Nonviolence beyond direct action.

A Humanist proposal for Colombia, the next step in the peace process

The Humanists have been active and supportive of the peace process in Colombia and we are asking all the parties involved to keep the discussion open and put all their effort into having a peace resolution signed. For the last five years Colombia has

Opening Message for the Day of Discussions on the Peace process in Colombia at Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflections.

March 28, 2015 – First, let me thank you for being here and for traveling to this beautiful part of New York State. We are here at the Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection between Kingston and New Paltz.

Greece’s choice: save the people or the banks?

The recent rise to power of the left wing party Syriza with Tsipras as Prime Minister has renewed expectations about the paths that the country can take to resolve her crisis. Tsipras’s promise to put an end to the extreme

Democracy, We Have to Fight for it Every Single Day

We can check our bank balances every second on our phones. We can navigate through the streets with real time traffic information. We can look up the market value of every corporation in the world. We can take a photo

#JeSuisCharlie in #NYC

Despite freezing cold weather (-11C/12F) people rallied in NYC at Union Square to stand in solidarity with the victims of the terror attack against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Wednesday morning.  

President Obama and the Immigration Move.

New York 11/20/2014 – For immigrant activists who have been working for immigration reform for more than 10 years, what President Obama did today is what we wanted him to do when he was elected back in 2008. Instead the

Crimea Morning After

The Crimean Central Electoral Commission announced that 83% of the peninsula’s registered voters had cast their ballots, and 95% of them had voted in favor of becoming part of Russia. That may seem like an impossible result and in some

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