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The Humanists are ​Supporting ​Students and the March For Our Lives

​As we approach the March For Our Lives in Washington DC on March 24th, the issue of gun control and school security ​remains at the ​forefront of ​public ​debate. ​A month after ​the ​Florida School shooting​ which kill​ed 17 people,

NYC- FREEDOM for jailed Argentine Leader Milagro Sala

The Colombians for Peace Took Times Square

The Colombian community for Peace gathered in Times Square to celebrate the end of the war after 52 years, while the agreements between the FARC and the government of Juan Manuel Santos was signed in Cartagena Colombia. A symbolic act

Mock Referendum on Colombia’s Peace Process in Jackson Heights

Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos in New York

September 18th, 2016, was a very special day for me. I had the opportunity of participating and listening to our Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, here in New York. The President spoke of the peace agreement, clarifying its facts, explaining

Yes Campaign for Colombia’s Peace Referendum in Elmhurst

March for Human Dignity from the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

With a great spirit of reconciliation, hundreds marched in support of human life. The march was initiated  by Antanas Mockus in Bogota , Colombia and simultaneously in over 50 cities around the world. The March for Life calls to stop violence, the lost of lives in Colombia

NYC next six months of progressive government

It has been six months since a progressive government took office in New York City and we can be sure that a number of press articles will be evaluating the work of the new administration. Covered, no doubt, will be

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