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To our Venezuelan Brothers and Sisters

On behalf of the NYC chapter of the Humanist Party and the International Federation of Humanist Parties, we would like to send our deepest sympathies and our support on this day of mourning to our Venezuelan brothers and sisters. Mr.


The Humanist International rejects and condemns French military intervention in the Republic of Mali, with the purported excuse to stop the advance of groups accused of terrorism. The governments of the United States of America (USA) and France have armed

Europe in Crisis. International Humanist Party Supports 14N Strike

Wed, 14/11/2012 – 03:45 The current crisis that we are living through in Europe is the crisis of a System which is driven by those institutions that are the holders of transnational finance capital. That transfer of power to big

Long live Venezuela and its democracy! May it be an example for the rest of us.

By now everyone knows that President Chavez won the presidential election in Venezuela. In one sense, we can say that “the people” (el pueblo) have won on Oct 7. However, these words do not reflect the entire experience. The most

Coup d’Etat au Paraguay

June 22, 2012 – A group of the Humanist Party of Argentina was yesterday in the demonstration that was held outside the embassy of Paraguay in Argentina. We read your statement, which was received enthusiastically by those who were there


When humanists observe and participate in social, political and economic processes around the world, we cannot but reflect about the relevance to this moment of history of the Statement of the Humanist Movement written by Silo in 1993 . From

Pakistani humanists organize dialogue – launch Humanist Party

Pakistani humanists organized a forum for dialogue on the “Existing Political Situation and Alternatives in Pakistan”, on 22nd October, 2011. The event was held at Hamdard Hall, Lahore, where around 60 people from Lahore participated, that figure including several lawyers.

Humanists Deplore Attacks in Norway

The team coordinator of the Federation of Humanist Parties repudiates the double bombing in Oslo and considered this to be an attack on all humanity. Our thoughts are with the civilian population, the permanent victims of violence, and against the

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