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Countdown for Milagro Sala’s Time Spent in Jail

In NYC the Humanists are requesting her liberation. Watch the video Pope sends rosary to jailed Milagro Sala Indy Explainer: The Arrest of Milagro Sala Telesurtv Argentina: Milagro Sala Arrest Was Discrimination, Says Husband

Argentina: Free Milagro Sala

Humanists denounce and reject all forms of violence, in particular when people who fight for social change are deprived of liberty, such is the case of Milagro Sala. Milagro represents a social organisation, Tupac Amaru, whose membership consists of thousands

The Humanist Party signed the letter as a pledge of support to Venezuela

Letter from the world social movements to the President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama. Dear Mr. President, We, representatives from social movements worldwide, have seen with bewilderment and indignation how on the 9th of March 2015

Greece’s choice: save the people or the banks?

The recent rise to power of the left wing party Syriza with Tsipras as Prime Minister has renewed expectations about the paths that the country can take to resolve her crisis. Tsipras’s promise to put an end to the extreme

Violence in Gaza

The International Humanist Party condemns Israel’s military actions in Palestinian territory and expresses its solidarity with the people suffering an attack of unprecedented violence and the threat of further outrages. It also denounces the campaign of misinformation that has hampered

No Referendum in Crimea

A referendum is one of the tools of a democratic process and cannot be used under military occupation. Russia has used military forces to annex Crimea, which is currently part of Ukraine. The international community needs to take a very

Position on Venezuela’s Situation

The International Humanist Party (IHP) condemns the acts of violence that occurred in the  Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Venezuelan right wing, guided by the hand of the government of the United States, is promoting the destabilization of the democratically

HPI welcomes the holding of the Second Summit of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC)

The Humanist Party International welcomes the holding of the Second Summit of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), and the objectives of integration and shared development while simultaneously encouraging peace. The meeting to be held in Havana (Cuba) 28 and

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